How many microns should a water filter have?

How to care for reverse osmosis
How to care for reverse osmosis?
6 lipca, 2019
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How many microns should a water filter have?

How many microns should a water filter have

Filtering water for own needs- using pitchers or filiter bottles- is a fast and a mobile solution of water purifying. In- pipe filters are characterized by a larger scale operation and solving the problem „almost at the source”. Information about the filter performance shown in microns is attached to these products. What are they and what are they needed for? We will try to explain thi issue.

What is micron?

First of all, the definition of micron should be presented. Its name came from greek language (gr. μικρόν – a detail). Nowadays, the name micrometer is more often used. This is the value determining the size of the molecule – one millionth of a meter. For example: the human hair has a thickness of 30-120 microns, and the staph bacteria about 0.7 micron. The length and thickness of the inserts are also important. The bigger, the larger the area for filtration. Cartridges with a height of about 25 cm are predominant. Thanks to them, the quality of varnish on the car’s body can be measured. In the case of water purifying process, the concept of micrometer concerns only mechanical filters. This value is used to determine the accuracy of filtration of cartridges, which on the Polish market have from 1 to 300 microns. The less they are, the more thoroughly the water purifying.

What are the types of mechanical filters?

They can be distinguished in two ways:

– due to the material used to make the cartridge (plastics and steel inserts),

– due to the use: single use and reusable.

Dafi –  Polish producer of mechanical filters- has in its offer, among others, polypropylene, nitrate and carbon filters. In the case of the first ones, the non-woven fabric has a thick filter layer, so that dirt remains on it without getting into the installation.

The important issue is absorbency of the cartridges. The attention should be paid to replace them for new ones in case of failure.