How many microns should a water filter have
How many microns should a water filter have?
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How to wash a Dafi filter bottle
How to wash a Dafi filter bottle
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How to care for reverse osmosis?

How to care for reverse osmosis

Servicing devices for reverse osmosis is very important and the effectiveness of proper operation depends on this. People who consider buying these appliances for filtration will get to know a lot about this issue while reading the following article.

What is the reverse osmosis process?

First, let’s explain the issue of osmosis. It is about the use of semi-permeable osmotic membranes that separate water from the substances dissolved in them. Water filtered in such a way is free of heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and other substances.

How to care for reverse osmosis?

If we want to enjoy tasty, hygienic and tasty water we have to care for appliances which help in its purification. After some period of exploitation, inside the appliances sediments, embryos and bacteria that are not safe for organism can accumulate. Filters for water can be compared with the bags used in vacuum cleaners. If we systematically take care of exchanging cartridges, the equipment will be efficient and will perform the cleaning function. The same situation is with water filters. Efficient and accurate removal of uninvited substances and suspensions is possible only with consistent servicing of equipment. It is an easy action and can be handled by us.

Ways to clean reverse osmosis

There are several ways to clean reverse osmosis, and on of them is using chemical substances. Disinfection is recommended after one year of use. It is an effective method and allows the removal of bacteria and sediments. But, this method have to be connected with exchanging cartridges in a tool- aso once a year (more often when using water from own intake). There are many cartridges available on the market. Polish producer Dafi offers mechanical cartridges.