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How to wash a Dafi filter bottle

How to wash a Dafi filter bottle

A bottle consists of several parts- a filter, a cover and a main vessel. Each ot them are washed a little bit differently, but it is not complicated. It is enough to get accustomed with an instruction book. Modern inventions are not always reliable, but we can fully trust a Dafi water bottle with filter – especially, because it is devoided of harmful bisphenol A.

The first use of Dafi bottle

In order to wash a bottle we need dish soap which we use every day. A producer advise not to wash a bottle in a dish washer because its material could be deformed and destroyed. High temperature is strongly advised against. It should be rinsed twice under running, cold water- we do it with a mounted filter. During the last rising water should be poured out through a mouthpiece for a better effect and for activation of the carbon contained in the filter.

The filter itself should be rinsed in cold water for about a half a minute. What is more, we should pay particular attention to a mouthpiece and a cover becasue they have a direct contact with our mouth.

A filter hygiene

During a first use we should rinse it for 30 seconds. We have to remember about one important issue- if the bottle is reusable, the filter has its expiration date, which ends after 4 weeks of use. The cost of two pieces set with a mouthpiece is not too high- about 10 USD- and yet it is all about our health. Filter replacement is necessary if you want to enjoy healthy, tasty and purified water.

Long use of the bottle

A material from which a bottle is made is soft but it is not destroyable. It will not dent. It is easy to store – great for school, outdoors and at work. Comfortable, ergonomic shape does not allow you to get out of hand.

If we are late with a filter exchange it will not have a significant impact on water taste but it is better not to wait too long.