What kind of a water filter for a detached house

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How to wash a Dafi filter bottle
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When to exchange a filter in a Dafi bottle?
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What kind of a water filter for a detached house

What kind of a water filter for a detached house

Using water directly from a tap is still a kind of a risk. Water flowing through pipes „collects”rust, sand, metals and other impurities. Connecting appropriate filters to the water system will improve its taste, smell and, above all, it will be healthier. What kind if a filter we will use depends on our needs.

Checking the quality of water

Every filter differs in construction, effectiveness of removing impurities, efficiency and price. Before we buy it, it is worth to diagnose our problems with water and define what quality we expect. In the case of water intake from waterworks, we can ask for the results of the water analysis. We will receive them at the local sanitary and epidemiological station or in a water supply company.

But, the use of water from our own well will involve testing at our own expense.

Flow filters – role and types

They are the filters which most effectively increase water quality. In the offer of Polish producer Dafi, several kinds of filters can be found:

polypropylene filter – occurs in four variants of filtration level (5µm, 10µm, 20µm, 25µm). It filters mechanically. Exchange – every 3 months. The cost – from 2.6 USD

carbon filter – effectively removes strongly chlorinated water and organic pollutants. Exchange – every 6 months (if the filter performance is reduced, faster replacement is recommended). The cost – approx. 7 USD.4

filter with ion exchange resin – it is friendly for household appliances. It is responsible for softening water, removing excess calcium and magnesium ions, and as a result, the consumption of washing agents is significantly reduced. Performance – 1 month. The cost – about 7.4 USD

filter for removing nitrates– The filter is recommended for breeding farms and homes that have their own water intake due to the fact that nitrates get into the water mainly from cesspools and fields. Exchange – monthly. The cost – approx. 18.5 USD