When to exchange a filter in a Dafi bottle?

What kind of a water filter for a detached house
What kind of a water filter for a detached house
11 lipca, 2019
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When to exchange a filter in a Dafi bottle?

When to exchange a filter in a Dafi bottle

Water filtering with Dafi products is easy, convenient and healthy. It is provided by pitchers, bottles, filters and other appliances but, in order to enjoy them for a long time we have to take care of them and follow the instructions.

First steps with Dafi bottle

It should not be a surprise that before we fill a bottle with water it should be washed carefully.  The producer advises 50 degrees Celsius and using dish soap. It must not be washed in a dish washer because due to the plastic of the bottle, it can be deformed. The filter should be rinsed in cold water for about 30 seconds. It is adviced to rinse a bottle twice with mounted cover and a filter in order to activate coal cleansing water. If there is no water flow through the filter it is recommended to shake it and reinstall it.

Long- term using of a bottle

The bottle is designed in such a way to fit into a bag or a backpack. It can be taken for camping, where there is no direct access to water. It is very useful for children who do not have to carry extra loads on their backs – they can fill the bottle at school.

Even long- term using of a bottle does not it work to the disadvantage of its quality. The material can get gently discolored, but it is the only possible „defect”. A well made cap is tight, so we can be calm about storing the bottle together with the phone, notebook and other important items.

For how long does the filter last?

The producer gives detailed data and at the same time informs that if the exchange of a filter  happens with a few days delay, it will not have a significant impact on reducing water quality. Even very chlorinated water will not cause problems for Dafi filters. A filter should last for 500 of fillings. Its capacity is 150 liters, which, with a 0.5 liter bottle, gives about 10 fillings a day.